Cartolytics RMA Manager Software Today, we are going to talk how the cartolytics RMA Manager  and how RMA Software can influence Customer Service and in particular Customer Satisfaction.

Research has shown that in 84% of cases where a customer will leave a company is caused by poor customer service.

The remaining 16% is due to price but that does not give you permission to start increase your prices through the roof.

So if we look at customer service in a broad sense.  The customer experience begins, when a company engages with the potential customer. It continues during the purchasing phase, through to the use phase and in almost all cases, when something goes wrong. This can be either early, mid-term, at the end or in some cases beyond the products warranty.

The last phase, is where cartolytics RMA Manager comes into its own, taking a potentially negative experience into a positive experience.

Progress station by station

Customer Service is quick response times, decisive action, giving the customer feedback in a timely and honest manner, quick action and options. Transparent Reporting.

The cartolytics RMA Manager allows our customers to implement a robust reverse cycle via our cloud based platform.

Live Analytics via RMA Software, allow quick and accurate decision making, our customer portal allows your customers to see their RMA progress through your service centre. Bespoke Dashboard allows accurate snap shots of large amounts of data at a glance but also allows deep dive analysis when & where required.

Bespoke Reports sent right to you inbox.

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