We’re giving you access behind the scenes!


Last week, we announced the decision to rebrand our brand identity vision. If you missed last week’s blog click here to read it. Cartolytics is undergoing an exciting transformation and we promised to keep you in the loop. Today, we bring you the individuals, working with us behind the scenes.

With the growth of our business over the past three years, thanks to your support, it’s imperative we redefine our brand positioning vision to continue to enhance our users experience. We have enlisted the help from top marketing and branding specialists to ensure this happens.



Six months ago, Cartolytics enlisted the help of Dublin based, renowned marketing consultant Lucy Campbell. Redefining our brand positioning required in-depth research, market analysis and multiple client feedback surveys. Lucy’s fresh perspective, expertise and knowledge guided us to map and measure our brand’s present and future evolution course. 

One key element of our rebranding strategy was contextualising our value proposition. With excellent guidance from Lucy, we characterised our value proposition in short to Cartolytics –‘A centralised business process platform works. A clear statement of what our service provides to users of the platform.

We’d like to thank Lucy for her exceptional help, support and advice.



It is crucial our new brand communicates a clear message to our clients through visual elements. To ensure a clear statement of our new brand identity is conveyed, we have hired the best graphic design studio in town: Copper Reed Studio.

Co-founder Michelle McInerney from Copper Reed Studio will be working closely with us to design and create our vision. Michelle has over 24 years of design and consultancy expertise to create the best visualisation of our values, identity and vision.

Copper Reed Studio has created graphic, web and office designs for the likes of Tyco, the University of Limerick, Mowlam Healthcare and Inver. We can’t wait to see what Copper Reed design for us!

We’re excited to re-design our brand and are committed to build a better Cartolytics for everyone. To see updates, on our progress, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter: @cartolytics.

Isobel Hogan

Marketing Executive