Rebranding update


In February, we announced that we are undergoing an exciting transformation of our brand this year. We promised to update you of our progress along the way. Today, we bring you some updates on our rebranding progress.

With the growth of our business over the past three years, thanks to your support, it’s imperative we redefine our brand positioning vision to continue to enhance our users experience. We have been working tirelessly to formulate a brand vision that best represents us to give the best customer experience to our users and to market to new industries.


Behind the Scenes

What’s in a name? A brand name is one of the most exciting and important elements of a brand. A name is the essence of your brand and key to developing a strong brand identity. Your brand elements such as your purpose, vision, mission and values need to be considered in the naming decision.

Our brand name ‘Cartolytics’ is founded on the portmanteau or word blending of ‘cart’: cartography and ‘lytics’: analytics. We have grown fond of this name but recognise it’s not easy to pronounce or simple to remember. Additionally, the beginning of our brand name ‘Cart’ could be confused with an eCommerce marketplace. Through in-depth market research we discovered these challenges and want to address them now before we move forward.

Naming a brand really is like naming a baby. We knew we needed a brand name that truly represented our vision, something modern that demonstrates our decades of expertise. The computer software marketplace is like most markets, saturated with unique names. To decide on a name, we created a list of properties of our business and narrowed this down to ten attributes. We considered several types of brand names using acronyms, founders, metaphors, real words, descriptions and various languages. After countless hours and careful deliberations, we are proud to announce we have curated our new name. A brand name that we feel represents us best and our future brand identity.

We are keeping our new name under wraps for the time being. However, we can give you some hints: building blocks meets software! Take from that what you will.


In any business, your website is the quintessential provider of information of the products and services you offer to your target audience. A website is the cornerstone of communication with consumers. In fact, other forms of communication such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Podcasts, YouTube pages and emails often include a trail that leads right back to your website. Your website is one of the most valuable tools to reach your clients and potential customers.

Upon founding in 2017, the Cartolytics website was to communicate a specific message to potential clients. Since, we feel this message has grown considerably. At present, the new products, services and industries we cater for are not specified on the site. We now also provide our solutions to healthcare, GDPR regulation, food & beverage industries to name a few. Additionally, since founding three years ago, we have more news, press, events to attend and want to be able to easily inform our audience of these on our new site. The additional resources of information we can extend to customers through our website such as case studies have dramatically grown. Our team has also grown substantially, we’d like to let you know more about us too. The new site will categorise all our functions in an easy to read and well displayed manner to provide the best user experience.

We are currently constructing and creating our new website behind the scenes in anticipation for our exciting rebranding launch in the coming weeks.


A company logo is the foundation of a brand identity serving as the entire narrative upon which a brand is built. Colours, tones, fonts all determine the type of story your brand is trying to communicate, a logo sets the stage for this. A fantastic logo design needs to create a strong first impression and grab attention. We’ve decided to create a new logo that will be used on all of our marketing, packaging, products, social media, websites, etc to advertise our brand message consistently.

The Cartolytics logo design is a simple white typography of our brand name with a navy background. The decision to update our brand vision means along with our brand name, the logo design will change too. The new logo will keep with the current branding trend of simplistic design. We are working with our graphic designers to create a modern, unique and dynamic design that will launch when we fully unveil our rebranding project.

The task of rebranding provides us space to reflect on our brand strategy and ensure the future needs of our clients are met. Our rebranding launch will take place in the next couple of weeks, we’ll keep you posted on the launch date. We’re excited to be re-designing our brand and are committed to build a better Cartolytics for everyone. To see more updates, on our progress, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter: @cartolytics.

Isobel Hogan

Marketing Executive