When we first designed the cartolytics platform, we had very specific use cases in mind for our RMA Management Software.

The first of these use cases was a Service Centre Workflow Manager.

The platform would allow customers to log into the platform, and here they can request an RMA number, they can see current RMA cases and they can see historical RMA cases.

Now we really like plain english, so an RMA stands for Returns Materials Authorisation. Now who looks for an RMA number? Well you probably have done so. If you have every shopped on line and tried to return a product. The nice lady or gent on the phone asks you some questions. They give you a reference number that you apply to the package or it maybe it is in the package paperwork already. You then post or courier the package to the address and the company then receives this RMA Number on the Package and this is how they know you have returned the product.

In our case, our customer, eir is a business and is returning thousands of these products, so tracking becomes vital.

cartolytics RMA Management Software allow employees to process returns correctly

Rules: made not broken.

Once the Service Centre receives the RMA, then they do what the original manufacturer tells them they should do. This can be repair and send it back to the customer. They may want you to send out a good replacement to the customer. Some may want you to simply scrap it and the manufacturer will send out the replacement via their normal distribution channels. The rules in the service centre are can vary but our system obeys these rules. Once you put a rule in place, the system will not break this rule. Only people break rules..

cartolytics RMA Management Software allow for large amount of data to be displayed

Analytics & Data Visualisation


Now managing the service centre with the cartolytics RMA Management Software give you so much data.  You will be able to give feedback to customers and to the manufacturers. You can also assist your distributors, the service centre employees, and the service centre management team with process analytics. Field Quality, Manufacturer’s Quality, the Service Centre’s Quality can all be measured and hopefully improved.

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The dev_house team…