Cartolytics RMA Manager is a Returns Workflow Management Software SystemNow, one would be forgiven for asking the question “How can a RMA Management tool support a Manufacturing Site?”

There is a very simple explanation for this. In the vast majority of cases, Manufacturing is essentially the assembling of parts or materials, mostly supplied by other manufacturers.

Cartolytics RMA Manager is currently being used by iQuTech in Dell and HP.

As I write this, I find myself trying to think what manufacturing process does not fit this criteria and there are very few.

So, if there is a supplier, then there are rejects, as a result of these rejects there is a returns process. Where there is a returns process, you can us the cartolytics RMA Manager.

We talk about three elements relating to Manufacturing Support :

  1. Incoming Inspection or a Quality Wall. In plain English, (you know we like plain English) the supplier sends their products and these are checked for any issues.
  2. Manufacturing Failure Analysis & root cause analysis. Products can get damaged or arrive damage to a manufacturing environment. Therefore, we look at “what has caused this damage?” Is this affecting other products and who is responsible for this damage?
  3. This leads nicely into the next element, Epidemic Quality Failure Management. (not one word of plain English). An Epidemic Failure occurs when hundreds or thousands of the same product are affected by the same issue. This can be caused by design, a flaw in the manufacturing process. It can be caused by a software issue or during transit or even during assembly.
    Manufacturing Support such as On Site Verification & Root Cause Analysis via the Cartolytics RMA Manager

    Custom Reports can provide valuable data.

These three activities need tracking and the resulting data gives rise to:

  • Increased Supplier Quality Score.
  • Improved Manufacturing Practices.
  • Reduced handling & logistic Practices.



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